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Planning your visit to the Learning Lab

'Experiences' to reserve at the Learning Lab 

When you fill out the learning lab reservation form, you will be given an option to select the 'experience' you would like to request for your K-12 students.

  • STEAM activities
  • Having fun with Math (hands-on math learning concepts)
  • Let's Be Engineers!
  • Chemistry Experiments
  • CalTeach Outside! (environmental science activities)
  • Robotics: Using Microbits & Programming
  • Biotechnology Experiments

Please check back to see an updated list of experiences that you can register for Spring 2022.

If there is a specific subject/activity you are interested in, please email our Special Programs Coordinator, Mariah Gonsalez at

How to Reserve your visit to the Learning Lab

STEP 1: Complete the learning lab reservation form

STEP 2: You will receive a follow-up email from our Special Programs Coordinator, Mariah Gonsalez at, or any other CalTeach staff with details/questions about your visit to the lab.

STEP 3:  You will receive a reservation confirmation and appropriate waivers/documents will be sent out to the main coordinator of the visiting K-12 student group to fill out.

Do you want a campus tour & dining reservation with your visit?

Campus tour: Virtual Tour Options available here 

Dining reservation: Dining Options can be found here