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Spring 2024 Interns (Closed)

Apply through the QR code in the image above to become a Learning Lab Intern! Through this internship, you will be able to gain hands-on experience teaching k-12 students, as well as developing your lesson planning and classroom management skills. Want more info? Reach out to our Special Programs Coordinator, Mariah Gonsalez at to get more information!

Internships (Hiring for Fall 2023 Interns!) - Closed

UC Merced Students can get involved with the Learning Lab through the following:

Learning Lab Internship: Students are hired for the fall or spring semester to create and teach hands-on STEM curriculum for K-12 students, on campus, in the CalTeach Learning Lab. Students interested in the internship can reach out to special programs coordinator, Mariah Gonsalez at

Internship Application Deadline: August 25th, 2023!

Apply here

CollegeCorps Fellowship: The CalTeach Learning Lab is a host site for CollgeCorps Fellows and welcomes a new corhort at the beginning of each academic year. You can apply for a CollgeCorps Fellowship here

Bobcat Summer STEM Academy: Interested students can apply to be instructors for our STEM Academy for K-12 students in the summer.


Students interested in the internship can reach out to special programs coordinator, Mariah Gonsalez at


The Learning Lab serves as a STEAM hub for faculty, researchers, and graduate students at UC Merced to drive forward Broader Impacts initiatives in K-12 outreach.

Since our Learning Lab operates year-round, our CalTeach staff can work with faculty to organize and create a hands-on curriculum that can be showcased to K-12 students through our space and make it easier to achieve and assess your outreach goals!

Click on our resources below to see how you can get started!


External Partnerships for K-12 Outreach

Need for STEM opportunities for K-12 in Merced

Research has shown that exposure to engaging long-term STEM opportunities for underrepresented students is a key component to building occupational identity and a diverse STEM pipeline from K-12 to college to industry. With 4-year college attainment levels of Latino (7.7%) and African American (17.3%) students in the Merced region, well below the state average of 33%, it is critical for the future of the region, that institutions and industry invest in the development of rigorous and inclusive STEM pipelines that foster curiosity and enthusiasm for careers in STEM.

Why choose UC Merced CalTeach program's Learning Lab for outreach?

The University of California, Merced, (UC Merced) is well suited to address the STEM pipeline crisis in the Central Valley and is designated a Hispanic Serving Institution. UC Merced through its CalTeach program has had success in working with K-12 teachers in the Merced community to bring both formal and informal STEM education resources and opportunities to the diverse and economically disadvantaged areas. The Learning Lab at UC Merced is an avenue to drive K-12 outreach projects for the university.

Want to get involved?

External Partners who are interested in funding the STEAM K-12 outreach initiatives at the Learning Lab at UC Merced can contact the CalTeach program to get started!